Asian American Senior Assoc of Pennsylvania 宾州美亚老人会
Asian American Senior Assoc of Pennsylvania 宾州美亚老人会

About Us

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board 


Zhi Rong Dong 董志荣

address xxxx Solly st phila PA 19152



E-mail :


honorary Chairman of The Board 

Board of director


Cao, Han Bin 曹汉斌

Address : 7xx Reed Street

              Philadelphia PA 19147

Cellphone : 267-312-8288

Honorary Chairman Of The Board

Board of Director /Founder


Simon X.S. Liu(Xin S. Liu) 刘心生

Address: 15xx Stevens Street

                 Philadelphia PA 19149

Cellphone: 267-255-8882

E-mail: ,

Website: , ,

Board of Director


Huang, Qin Tan 黄钦坦

Address : 52xx Market Street.

               Philadelphia PA 19139.

Cellphone : 215-906-7766.

Honorary Chairman of the board 


Barbara Zhang 张孟

address : Not available now.

Cellphone : 856-308-8616

Email : 


honorary Board 


Amy Duan 段丽华

Address : Not Available now. 

Cellphone : 484-354-3492. 484-889-3612


Honorary Board 


June Ha 何君

address: 1011 Arch Street 2/FL 

                  Philadelphia PA 19107

cellphone : 215-268-7928


Honorary Board 


Frances Liao 廖嫣娜 

Address: Not Available now

cellphone: 215-688-3369


Honorary Board


Amanda Lin (Yi Mei Lin) 林伊眉

Address: Not Available now


Cellphone: 646-436-8571


Want to Become a Member?

Yi Liu : 215-607-9868



Zhi Rong Dong : 267-231-8408





New Volunteers

Contact Yi Liu 


Our New Website is Online

Information on our organization is now available online.

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