Asian American Senior Assoc of Pennsylvania 宾州美亚老人会
Asian American Senior Assoc of Pennsylvania 宾州美亚老人会

About Us

Chairman of the board 


Barbara Zhang 张孟

address : Not available now.

Cellphone : 856-308-8616

Email : 


Board of Directors

honorary Chairman of The Board 

Board of director


Cao, Han Bin 曹汉斌

Address : 7xx Reed Street

              Philadelphia PA 19147

Cellphone : 267-312-8288

Honorary Chairman Of The Board

Board of Director /Founder


Simon X.S. Liu(Xin S. Liu) 刘心生

Address: 15xx Stevens Street

                 Philadelphia PA 19149

Cellphone: 267-255-8882

E-mail: ,

Website: , ,

Board of Director



Amy Duan 段丽华

Address : Not Available now. 

Cellphone : 484-354-3492. 484-889-3612


Board of Director


Huang, Qin Tan 黄钦坦

Address : 52xx Market Street.

               Philadelphia PA 19139.

Cellphone : 215-906-7766.

Board of Director 



June Ha 何君

address: 1011 Arch Street 2/FL 

                  Philadelphia PA 19107

cellphone : 215-268-7928


Board of Director


Zhi Rong Dong 董志荣

address Not available now



E-mail :


Honorary Board 


Frances Liao 廖嫣娜 

Address: Not Available now

cellphone: 215-688-3369


Honorary Board


Amanda Lin (Yi Mei Lin) 林伊眉

Address: Not Available now


Cellphone: 646-436-8571


Want to Become a Member?

Ting Wang 王婷 732-491-7731



Barbara Zhang 张孟  856-308-8616 





New Volunteers

Contact Simon X.S. Liu or Marcus Luk


Our New Website is Online

Information on our organization is now available online.

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