Asian American Senior Assoc of Pennsylvania 宾州美亚老人会
Asian American Senior Assoc of Pennsylvania 宾州美亚老人会

aasapa logo significant statement;

1). The logo comprises of aasapa characters which stand for asian american senior association of pennsylvania in artistic form.

2). In the inner circle, a big gray “a” is on the left; on its right is an upside down “a” in black; dividing the inner circle is a pink “s”; on the right side of “s” is an upside down black “a”; towards the middle is a blue “p” written in sideway; and on the right most is an upside down orange “a”.


3). The pink “s” inside the pink circle symbolizes Yin and Yang of the Tai-Chi chart, which recapitulates the Asian beliefs.


4). When the logo is turned 90 degrees clockwise, it reveals the face of an elder – gray hair, black eyes, pink face, blue nose and orange mouth.


5). The logo is interpreted as seniors living healthily and happily in a natural environment for their remaining years.



aasapa logo 意義說明;

aasapa 的藝術形體字, asian american senior association of pennsylvania
( 美亞老人會英文註冊
) 的縮寫.

a ( 灰色), a 的右下邊單個倒寫的字a ( 黑色), 中間S ( 粉紅色), s的右邊倒寫的字單個a ( 黑色) , s的右中間橫行寫的單個P ( 藍色), 最右邊倒寫的字單個a ( 橘色).

, 粉紅色的內園圈為粉紅色的s 從中間對分成為“太極圖”. 符合亞裔宗教信仰.

90 度看圖案為老人臉形象; 灰色的頭髮, 黑色的眼睛, 粉紅色的臉面, 藍色的鼻子, 橘色的嘴巴.

; 老人在自然環境中“健康快樂”地安度晚年.

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