Asian American Senior Assoc of Pennsylvania 宾州美亚老人会
Asian American Senior Assoc of Pennsylvania 宾州美亚老人会


The 15th Mid-Autumn Celebration in Philadelphia  Fund Raising for the Asian American Senior Association of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia news:   The 15th Mid-Autumn festival celebration kicked off as scheduled on Saturday, September 18, 2010, from 1 to 6 p.m., under the Friendship Gate in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. Although this year’s celebration was more than two hours shorter, its popularity as well as programs were no less than the previous year. This was also the first time that Asian American Senior Association of Pennsylvania (AASAPA) took an active part in participating in the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn festival celebration.

In supporting the Asian American United (AAU)’s sponsorship of the Mid-Autumn celebration, AASAPA came up with a creative idea, which is the setting up of a donation box at its table. The set up was an instant success, winning over a lot of praises. Some opined that “Finally, there’s a thought about the seniors.” Asians and westerners alike began to put money into the donation box. While the younger ones demonstrated more enthusiasm, there was equal passion between the westerners and Asians. The highest one-donation of the day was $100; lowest being $1.  (AASAPA also offered proof of donation for tax purposes.) Chairman of AASAPA Qingnian Lu, director Bingqing Peng, members Lingling Sun and Yichien Huang, etc., took turn asking passers-by for donation. It was a moving scene.

This was the first donation drive of AASAPA extended to the public. The purpose of which was to establish a ‘senior activity center’ in Chinatown. Owing to a lack of funding, progress has been slow. The hope was to make connection with the community leaders and benevolent people and ask them for a helping hand to carry out the traditional Chinese virtue of ‘filial piety’. Thereby, the establishment of a good center combining living, learning, socializing, fitness, and entertaining for the seniors can be within reach. When the seniors are comfortable, their children are relaxed.

Asian American Senior Association of Pennsylvania (abbreviated as AASAPA) began planning in 2009 and was officially established in March, 2010. It is registered with the State and approved as a non-profit organization. Its aim is to provide services to seniors. Location (temporary): 923 Arch Street, 3rdFloor; website:; e-mail:

To date, AASAPA has organized the following events:

  1. March 18, 2009 sponsoring of the Anti-Fraud Legal Workshop;
  2. July 27, 2009 sponsoring the Know-How of Applying for Senior Housing;
  3. September 31, 2009 sponsoring free flu vaccination;
  4. December 8, 2009 co-sponsoring the opening ceremony of Haven Penel senior housing, 30+ Chinese have successfully moved in;
  5. February 28, 2010 sponsoring the Chinese Spring Festival celebration at Haven Penel;
  6. March 23, 2010 sponsoring the Census registration at Haven Penel;
  7. July 19, 2010 sponsoring the distribution of Philabundance food boxes for members only, the food box is distributed once a month throughout the year; and
  8. August 12, 2010 assisting the Philadelphia Education Department in the inauguration ceremony of the new ‘Multi-lingual Service Center’.

At 5:30 in the evening, Mayor Michael Nutter arrived and delivered his congratulation.

Attended the occasion also were Ellen Somekawa, Executive Chair of the Asian American United, Deborah Wei (former principal of FACT school), officer of Philadelphia Education Department’s Language Office, and Simon Liu,Chairman of the Board of AASAPA.



費城第十五屆中秋節 美亞老人會籌款


  本報費城訊:費城唐人街第十五屆中秋節 於西歷2010年9月18日(星期六)下午一至六時,如期在牌樓下舉行。今年的中秋節較往年縮短了兩個多小時,但人氣和節目不減往年。美亞老人會首次積極參與中國傳統的中秋節活動。



  美亞老人會在支援「亞裔聯合會」(AAU)主辦的此次中秋節活動中富有創意,設立捐款箱在現場籌款,此舉令在場的人士大加讚許,他們認為「終於 有人肯為老人著想」,引來泷多亞裔人士和西裔人士紛紛捐錢投入捐款箱,年輕人更為踴躍,西人熱情不亞於亞裔。現場捐款最高者捐100美元,最低者1美元不 等。(捐款人可索取減稅證明)。美亞老人會主席;陸慶年,董事;彭炳清,成員;孫玲玲,黃逸錢等抱著捐款箱挨個募集,場面感人。


  美亞老人會初次面向廣泛的社會籌款,目的為了在唐人街籌辦「老人活動中心」,礙 於經費佶據,影響進度。他們希望社會賢達和仁人志士伸出援手,發揚華人傳統的「孝心」,共同促使早日辦成集老人生活、學習、社會交流、健身娛樂的好去處,讓老人們舒心,兒女們放心。



  賓州美亞老人會是一所為美亞老人服務的群體組織,經賓州政府批為非營利慈善機構, 於二零零九年籌辦,二零一零年三月正式成立。會址;923 Arch 街 三樓(臨時),會網址:,  會名縮寫:AASAPA。






  4)二零零九年十二月八日協辦1615 N. 23rd 街老人公寓新張,華人耆老三十餘人入住。

  5)二零一零年二月二十八日主辦23rd 街老人公寓居民2010年元霄節。

  6)二零一零年三月二十三日主辦23rd 街老人公寓居民人口普查登記。



  傍晚五時三十分, 費城市長 Michael Nutter 親臨會場祝賀。


 亞裔聯合會執行主席Ellen Somekawa、費城市教育局語言處主任 魏忠美(Deborah Wei, 原民藝特許學校校長)、美亞老人會董事長 劉心生(Simon Liu)等均臨現場同慶。

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